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Wenglor Sensoric is once again living up to its reputation as a trend setter with its newly developed sensor: The WM series. Wenglor's new reflex sensor detects printed markings of any desired colour. Troublesome adjustment of emitter light colour for conformity with the colour of the printed markings is now a thing of the past. Any colour combination is possible - dark green markings on a light green background, white markings on a yellow surface, or a white stripe between yellow and black stripes are all reliably recognized by the Wenglor WMO3 sensor. Even the slightest variations in shades are easily detectable. A small, rectangular scanning spot (1.5 x 2.5mm), allows for high speed, reliable detection. Due to the fact that extremely short scanning times are possible, the sensor can be ordered with either pull- in or release delay of 10ms. When operated in the normally open mode with release delay, light markings on a dark background can be recognized.

On the other hand, pull-in delay is suitable for the recognition of dark markings on a light background. With a mini hysteresis of less than 2%, the sensor detects even yellow on white - a colour combination which is extremely low in contrast (because yellow and white return almost identical amounts of light).

Technical Data:


PNP, Normally closed with ON-delay (l0ms)


PNP, Normally open with OFF-delay (10ms)

WM03PCT2 PNP, Normally open with TEACH IN and preset OFF-delay (20ms)


NPN, Normally open with TEACH IN and preset OFF-delay (20ms)


55 x 26 x 16 mm(2.17x1.03x0.63")

Working distance


Working range

12...18 mm


Course and Fine adjustments


< 2 %

Temperature drift

< 2 %


20 shades of grey

Beam spot dimension

1.5 x 2.5 mm (0.06x0.10")

Type of light

White, visible LED

Max. ambient light

10,000 Lux

Lifetime 40 000 h

Power supply

10... 30 VDC

Power consumption

< 30 mA

Reverse polarity protection


Short circuit protection


Overload protection


Switching frequency

10 kHz (5 kHz for WM03PCT2)

Response time

0.05ms (0.10 ms for WM03PCT2)

On/Off delay

10 ms (20 ms for WM03PCT2)

Max. switching current 200mA

Voltage drop

< 2.5VDC

Temperature range

- 25 C to + 60 C

Environmental protection

IP 67

Ambient temperature -25°C...60°C (-13°F...+140°F)

Connection mode

M12 connector

All units are in stock for immediate delivery.

Full catalogs are available. Please call for a copy.