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August 2016 – Food & Beverage / FAQ


Do you have customers in the Food and Beverage Industry?

IP69K Rated for high pressure and high temperature wash downs. These products are dust tight and are protected against the effects of continuous immersion in water up to 24 hrs

The stainless steel material has excellent corrosion resistant properties. PVC material provides excellent resistance to chemicals and is used on all cables and jackets.

Lumberg Food & Beverage products meet the needs of Harsh Environments

Junction Box, Micro M12 Stainless Steel housing with built in LEDM12 Cordsets with Stainless Steel threads, PVC inserts

Dairy, Beverages, Packaging, Production lines, Cereals and Dried Goods, Labeling and more

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FAQ (You asked it) – “Why don’t we have back boxes?”

A: So here’s a little background first and remember this only applies to the 60 & 100 amp products. Our 20 & 30 amp product still have back boxes. Our competitors sell either male or female flanged devices for panel mounting and when you want to wall or surface mount them you buy a back box to provide mounting for the flanged device. We switched to an integrated device several years ago to allow for more wiring room and to lessen the chance of leakage. Our devices have no joint between the back box and the flanged device therefore no chance of that connection leaking. The design also allows for a larger wiring space.

Competitors                                       Globetron
Male Flange “B” + back box       =       “I” Surface Mount Inlet
Female Flange “R” + back box       =       “W” Surface Mount Outlet

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