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Prevent Electrical Failures in Marinas with Globetron's Durable Power Connectors

Did you know...

that over 60% of electrical failures in marinas are due to corrosion and water damage? Help your customers protect their marina's electrical systems with Globetron's IEC 60309 Power Connectors -- the ultimate solution for harsh marine conditions. 


Why Choose Globetron's IEC 60309 Power Connectors?

Our connectors are crafted from robust polyamide 6 nylon, offering exceptional resistance to:

  • Corrosion
  • Temperature extremes
  • UV exposure
  • Saltwater

Built to Last: IP67 Rating

With an IP67 rating, our connectors are designed to be watertight, ensuring reliable performance even in the toughest marine environments. Globetron’s connectors provide durability and high quality to keep marina operations running smoothly.

Real-World Applications

See below for examples of our IP67 Female Angled Marine Receptacles in action:

IP67 5100RA9W female angled receptacles in marine use

IP67 5100RA7W female angled receptacles in marine use

Protect your marina from electrical failures with Globetron's IEC 60309 Power Connectors. You can count on Globetron for durable, reliable, high quality connectors that keep your customer's marine operations running smoothly. 


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