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5 Reasons to Consider Globetron's IEC 60309 Pin & Sleeve
With the start of the spring season, many industries are gearing back up (construction, agriculture, marinas &
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How To: Build a Part Number
Understanding the 5 steps required to build a part number.
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Price Increase March 2022
Price Increase as of March 1, 2022:
(approx. 5% on our IEC309 Pin & Sleeve Power Connectors)
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Ground Positions Explained
Understanding Ground Positions in language you can understand.
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Colour codes for IEC309 Pin & Sleeve Connectors
Colours mean something in the IEC309 Power Connector world. Although, there are exceptions to the rule, here are the basics for North America. We will cover more about clock position in a future Newsletter.
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Selecting the correct product...cutting down on customer returns.
It seems an easy process to select the correct pin and sleeve device but as I’m sure you’ve found, sometimes there is missing information.
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