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June 2016 – Contest: Pin and Sleeve Video

The boss is always concerned about quality control and ensuring our products perform better than our competitors. So we caught him playing around with the video camera doing this…


Watch OUR movie clip and we’ll send YOU to the movies! Answer our contest question and your name will be entered into a draw for:

Contest NOW Completed – See the list of winners in our July Newsletter.

During May we asked you “how can we make your day easier”? Here are some of your responses:

“can you do my power point presentation”
“reply to my emails and tidy my desk”
“lunch please, I forgot mine”
“help with inventory”?
“I want the day off”
“cover for me so I can go out on my boat”
“a million dollars & retire early”
“can you do my sales calls for me”?
“make it the weekend”
“you can wash my truck”
“you can send me home with pay”
“Can you make it another long weekend”?
“winning lotto numbers” – asked for alot!
“bring me coffee”!

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